Richmond Hill: This Place Matters

Everyone has places that are important to them; places they care about, places with significance enough that communities rally to save them. "This Place Matters" is a national campaign that encourages people to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and to their communities, is an initiative set forth by theNational Trust for Historic [...]

Richmond Hill: This Place Matters2021-06-06T18:50:51-04:00

Margie’s Army

"You have breast cancer", the words no one expects to hear, especially when their diligent preventative actions have been in place for years. All of the annual visits made on time, they exercise regularly, eat healthy, have never smoked, did the self-breast exams, and even breastfed their babies! What? When my dear friend Liane Willard [...]

Margie’s Army2021-06-06T18:37:37-04:00

Robert “Bobby” Carpenter Park

“GO 365. CG 59. TD 155. SD 1. THD 133. JE 221. GH 167. CK 999. BW 144. RB 191. TH 66... and the list goes on and on.” Some will know what these initials and numbers represent, but for those who do not, these are post office box numbers of long-time residents of Richmond [...]

Robert “Bobby” Carpenter Park2021-06-06T18:21:11-04:00
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