The Boat We Are In

On a sunset cruise during the lockdown, we spotted a well-known boat from The Abacos. FREESPOOL! Why was she six docks down from ours in the Ogeechee River, a far cry from the Sea of Abaco? I’ll confess, it was curiosity, not concern or compassion at first, that had me questioning. It was intriguing, [...]

The Boat We Are In2021-07-15T14:13:26-04:00

The ‘Tree of Life’ May be Closer Than You Think

Here’s how I heard the story: An American couple travels to Italy to enjoy the cuisine, sip the local wine, and drizzle the finest extra virgin olive oil onto freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven. They knew from years of visiting tasting rooms that Mediterranean countries produce the finest olive oil in [...]

The ‘Tree of Life’ May be Closer Than You Think2021-07-15T13:50:18-04:00
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