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Join our rangers for a short 1/2 mile walk along our beautiful marshes and winding creeks and witness nature at its finest! Watch our flying friends take flight over the setting sun and learn about the world of bats.  Hundreds of bats leave their houses every evening to hunt for insects.

There are a lot of misconceptions about bats. They are not rodents; they are mammals – the only mammals that fly! They do not attack humans. In fact, they prefer to avoid humans. However, sick or injured bats may not have any fear of humans. They are not aggressive and less than 1% of bats ever contract rabies. They will bite if they feel threatened so never try to catch a bat or pet it, especially with your bare hands. Bats are nocturnal, meaning they roost during the day and leave the roost in the evening. They are your natural mosquito control!

This program is good for all ages.  Cost:  $2 per person plus $5 ParkPass per vehicle (purchase you annual ParkPass to save all year long).