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In celebration of National Public Lands Day, Georgia’s State Parks & Historic Sites are inviting citizens to volunteer for a variety of projects on Saturday, September 29. All across Georgia, outdoor enthusiasts can help with projects that aid in the preservation of our parks and natural landmarks such as a river and park clean-up at Fort McAllister State Historic Park.

The statewide “Your State Parks Day” is sponsored by Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the state’s natural and historical treasures. To encourage participation in the event, Friends will be paying the parking or admission fees for everyone who lends a helping hand.

This year, Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites invite volunteers to “See the Difference.” In support of this year’s theme, all projects will be centered around before and after scenes of each cleanup site, allowing guests to see the true impact of their work and participation. To join in on the fun with friends and followers and to see before and after images, post images from the events via social media using the hashtag #SeeTheDifferenceYSPD.

All volunteers will be treated to a free lunch at the park.