RJ Reynolds Construction

Perfectly crafted homes, just a few at a time. Personalized for and with our clients every time.

There is so much emotion wrapped up in the simple word, “home.”

And because a home is the largest purchase you’ll ever make in this lifetime, it would seem unthinkable to purchase anything less than the most personally-crafted, well-built and valuable home possible.That’s what we do, really. We don’t mass-produce homes and ask that you simply fit your life and memories into one of our pre-fab designs. We craft a few homes at a time, painstakingly evaluating the quality of our work and making sure that along the way you’re involved in a great experience, as stress-free and hassle-free as possible.

You’ll find features in our homes that you don’t usually find elsewhere. From multi-tiered tray ceilings with perimeter lighting, to high-end entrance ways, to quality flooring, to premium name-brand paints. One look and you’ll know that we care about the homes that we build. Our slogan isn’t just a catchphrase. We’re passionate about your home, and we’ll make sure that the end product will display the care, craftsmanship and pride we have in our work.

429 Longwood Drive, Richmond Hill, GA